Tefal top tips


This way for perfect mayonnaise every time!

Served with seafood, cured meat or in a salad, everybody loves mayonnaise! And just like the madeleine in Proust’s novel, a good homemade mayonnaise will take you right back to childhood memories of summer holidays and picnics in the sun. But how to guarantee perfect mayonnaise every time? Simply follow our tips to become a mayonnaise pro…

The right tools for the job

You don’t have to sprain your wrist to make good mayonnaise anymore! There are some practical gadgets that will do
the job for you and guarantee superb results. Choose a good hand blender that will whisk your mayonnaise to perfection at the touch of a button. No need for hours of exhausting hand-whisking, and you can simply adjust the blender speed as you add each new ingredient.


Remember the golden rules

Here are some other top tips for delicious, mouth-watering mayonnaise:
– Make sure all your ingredients are at room temperature beforehand
– Add your salt at the start
– Mix your oil in gradually, a small amount at a time
– Use a small mixing bowl, as opposed to a large salad bowl
– Use quality ingredients, and always make sure that your eggs are fresh.

Perfet Mayonnaise