Wherever in the world you live, you’ve probably heard of Jamie Oliver. TV chef turned international food icon, Jamie Oliver is much more than just a cook with TV programmes broadcast in dozens of countries. A bestselling author and owner of countless restaurants around the globe, Jamie is also a staunch advocate for healthy, balanced eating. But how did he get to where he is today?


Jamie Oliver’s route to fame

While Jamie now figures among the world’s most famous chefs, the many other facets of this British icon are sometimes less well-known. His route to fame started on the set of the cooking show The Naked Chef, but ever since then he’s been putting his talents to other uses, too.

Inquisitive and passionate, Jamie’s interest in cooking is fuelled primarily by his desire to help people in their daily lives. So nowadays, when Jamie Oliver’s name is mentioned, people don’t just think of his many recipe books, cookery courses and restaurants (such as Fifteen and Jamie’s Italian), but also of his crusade for healthy living for everyone.

Advocating healthy eating

Jamie’s agenda has always been about getting families cooking together and eating homemade meals full of fresh ingredients. It’s an anti-junk food crusade that calls on young and old alike to start cooking simple, delicious recipes with quality ingredients. Jamie’s website features a huge variety of recipes and inspiration to get you cooking up a storm in the kitchen and enjoying eating wholesome, healthy food. So it seemed a natural step for him to team up with Tefal to develop a range of pots and pans that meet everyone’s needs – from home cooks to serious chefs and everyone in between.

Want to know more? Check out the Jamie Oliver by Tefal range and head over to the Jamie Oliver website for recipes, inspiration, nutrition advice and more.


If you’re wondering what on earth to make for all your friends and family this weekend, we have an answer you’ll love… How about a stone grill or pierrade? Simple to organise, perfect even for large groups, incredibly fun and adapted to each person’s tastes, they’re all sure to love it!


Your pierrade will get the unanimous vote!

If your best friend is a veggie, your loved one adores seafood and you have a mad yearning for fish, then chances are that your pierrade evening will keep everyone happy! Because what could be healthier or better-adapted to each person’s tastes than a stone grill? You simply prepare all the ingredients the previous evening or a few hours beforehand, put them on the table in large bowls and dishes, and everyone serves themselves! And to make sure everything is perfectly organised, you can even set aside a corner of the pierrade for each person!

Pierrade-2You too have the right to eat sitting down!

Forgot all those dinner parties spent in the kitchen preparing everyone else’s meal and complaining about missing all the fun. Once all the ingredients have been prepared and placed on the table, you too can sit down and relax rather than grabbing a bite at the end of the table or in the kitchen! And since your pierrade stays there for the entire meal, you can even use it to make the dessert. Get out the board games while those orange, pear, apple, banana and kiwi pieces are heating up! And since you’re all total foodies, you can then dip them in melted chocolate!


You were given a plancha at Christmas or for your house-warming, and you’ve decided that this is the perfect weekend to baptise it ! To celebrate the event, you’ve invited all of your nearest and dearest to a plancha party. Whether your guests are total plancha beginners or seasoned veterans, it’s sure to be a really fun evening!

Capture d’écran 2016-04-19 à 14.26.06The plancha : the best way to get all your family to agree

If you’re always stuck in the middle of family disputes between who likes meat, who prefers fish and seafood, and who’s mad about veg, then you’ll love getting them all around the table and… around the plancha ! And since you too want to enjoy your meal, you can prepare everything beforehand by marinating the meat and fish and cutting your vegetables into slices, chunks and strips. If you’re feeling a bit inventive, go for a kebab evening – it’s sure to be an all-round winner.

Organise a fun evening that’s totally plancha!

Even if it’s cold and grey outside, your plancha will warm up the atmosphere and allow you to spend time with your loved ones without having to constantly go back and forth to the kitchen ! Your plancha can even take care of dessert, by using it to gently grill pieces of fresh fruit. It’s sure to be the kids’ favourite part, especially if you’ve cut the fruit into fun shapes.


For the last 60 years, Tefal has remained your loyal companion – making your day-to-day life easier by helping you in the kitchen and caring for your linen. In fact, we so love making you happy that we’ve decided to share your joy with the whole world! To help us celebrate our anniversary in the proper fashion, we’re inviting you to post your favourite moments!


Post your happiest moments with family, friends and colleagues

You too can celebrate Tefal’s 60th birthday by posting some of your favourite everyday moments! Thanks to our collaborative platform, you can send us your photos and videos from almost anywhere in the world, whether or not they feature a Tefal product. With the kids, with the whole family, at a get-together with all of your loved ones… You can post your photos and videos and you can also ‘like’ the photos posted by other contributors.

Browse through the profiles of other site contributors plus their photos and videos. You can also see the profiles of the site’s top contributors at any time – a quick glance will tell you which country they’re in and how many photos and videos they’ve shared with you. And by posting your images of love, friendship and eating, you’ll raise your country’s score.

Which country will come out top, with the highest number of moments shared?


When it’s cold and grey outside, there’s nothing quite like a meal with friends to warm up the atmosphere. And what better than a raclette for inviting all your loved ones to share a lunch or dinner that’s not only scrumptious and easy to prepare but that everyone loves? Raclettes are a winner with young and old alike, though ingredients vary depending on the country. Here’s a whistle-stop tour of the world’s raclettes.


Put your Colormania raclette to work!

Wherever you live, a raclette is an excellent way to get everyone around the table. But what do you put in your raclette pan? If you live in France, you like your raclette with cheese from the region of Savoie – either plain, smoked, or flavoured with cumin or white wine. The Swiss traditionally use a cheese called ‘raclette’ that comes from the Valais canton. And because raclettes are often a local tradition, people in Quebec also use a locally-produced cow’s milk cheese.


An almost endless variety of raclettes

Countries and regions by the sea have adopted the seafood raclette, with smoked fish and shellfish added to the standard cheese and vegetables. And while potatoes are a staple in Germany, France, Austria and Switzerland, lots of other ingredients are also used, including tomatoes, carrots, fennel, mushrooms and so on. But at the end of the day it doesn’t matter where you live – your favourite raclette doesn’t have to follow any rules. Just use your imagination to adapt it to your loved ones!


If breakfast is your favourite meal of the day, the good news is that you’re totally justified in taking the time to enjoy it. Because it can never be said too often – a good breakfast is vital to start the day right. Armed with your kettle or coffee maker, your toaster and a little imagination, you can make yourself a healthy and hearty breakfast!


What to eat for breakfast?

Breakfast is the perfect time to treat yourself. It needs to be both nourishing and high in protein to get you through to lunchtime and avoid those mid-morning sugar cravings. Sweet or savoury – you choose! If you prefer savoury, you can create an endless number of toast toppings, from avocado to scrambled eggs to cheese spread and so on. If you have more of a sweet tooth, go for porridge made with oat milk or almond milk and served with fresh fruit. You should get between 500 and 700 calories from your breakfast, which gives you a lot of scope.

Which foods to focus on?

While there’s no blueprint for the perfect breakfast, it’s still best to avoid foods that contain a lot of fat or sugar. As always, homemade is obviously a great idea, but you can also purchase simple, healthy products to help you make your meal, such as oats, sugar-free muesli, gluten-free sliced bread, fresh fruit for smoothies etc. As for the protein, you can either opt for white meat or choose sources of vegetable protein such as peanut butter, buckwheat pancakes, or even hummus for the savoury fiends among you.


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