What could be better than a Brazilian meal to celebrate the Rio Summer Olympics in style? Don’t worry, you won’t be stuck for ideas because there are hundreds of different dishes to choose from. Invite all your loved ones round for an colourful meal that you can end with all kinds of games.

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Prepare your Brazilian specialities the night before

As a starter, why not opt for Pao de Queijo – a cheesy bread that can be served with a fresh vegetable salad. The kids will love munching on it! For the main course, Brazil’s world-famous Feijoada is a must, unless you prefer something lighter such as Vatapà – a dish based on fish and tomato sauce. For dessert, what could be more delicious and melt-in-the-mouth than a Quindim? It’s a kind of coconut flan that they’ll all adore. And if you want a meal that’s alcohol free while retaining the festive spirit, prepare your own Caipirinhas using sparkling water, cane sugar and fresh limes.

Games and quizzes to get you in the mood

Intersperse your Brazilian meal with games for all ages – sports questions for the more intellectual and mini Olympics for the rest. In the garden, what could be easier to organise than a series of relays with an egg and spoon, a sack race, a three-legged race or even a croquet competition? Get some T-shirts with each team’s colours, some chocolate medals and rewards in the form of sweets and the day is sure to fly by!


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5 seconds Chopper

Nuts, vegetables, fresh herbs, meat – the 5 Sec Chopper saves you time and trouble.

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Your 5 Sec Chopper is always at the ready!

Easy to clean and the perfect size for storing, your 5 Sec Chopper just loves being used! Fancy some guacamole? Get it to chop your onions, avocado and fresh herbs and even some tomatoes for decoration. With it’s 500 ml bowl, it’s ideally suited to all your everyday recipes. Want to chop your ingredients even more finely? Pull it a few more seconds and hey presto, it’s ready!

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This summer’s Rio Olympics will be in every home from 5 to 21 August 2016, with the whole family cheering for their national teams. To turn it into a proper celebration that both young and old will remember with delight, why not take the opportunity of cooking together as a family? Make mealtimes fun and enjoy yourself!

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Your children will love supporting their national teams

The Olympic Games are a special time that everyone loves, and your kids will want to join in too. But the party wouldn’t be complete without sharing a big meal in front of a live or recorded broadcast of one of your favourite events. A few hours or even the day before, get together in the kitchen to prepare a colourful meal as a tribute to Games host Brazil, with lots of yellow and green to set the tone!

Resonate to the colours of Brazil!

Have fun together looking for green and yellow ingredients to make a large salad – lettuce, sweetcorn, yellow pepper, cucumber, avocado, grilled courgette… the choice is endless!  And if you fancy a TV dinner, go for small portions of fun foods – kebabs, homemade mayonnaise, slices of banana and kiwi dipped in chocolate, and dishes of green-apple sorbet.  And there’s nothing to stop you breaking off for a quick sack race, or getting out the Trivial Pursuit questions so that you can get up to speed on all of the previous Olympics!


From 5 to 21 August 2016, the Rio Summer Olympics will have you resonating to the rhythm of your favourite sports, thrilling events and special moments with your loved ones.  So that you can support your national athletes and also get some sunshine, you’ve got it all figured out – the remote control TV, the loungers, plus some cocktail ideas that your friends will love.

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Support your team with a colourful buffet

Since this year’s Olympic Games are being held in Rio, colourful dishes are the order of the day. Firstly you’ll need lots of dips! A few hours beforehand, prepare about a dozen bowls of sauces that are just perfect for dipping raw vegetable sticks, breadsticks, nachos and vegetable crisps. Hummus and guacamole are obvious musts, as are more unusual recipes like sweetcorn with fresh herbs, lentil with dried tomato, plus smoked herring, trout or salmon dip.

Homemade, alcohol-free cocktails are all the rage!

Go for alcohol-free cocktails, for an extra-healthy buffet that’s just as much fun.  What’s in: Spring water with fresh fruit, Virgin Mojitos with freshly-picked mint, and smoothies packed with flavour and vitamins. You may not be running, jumping and swimming, but you can shake your shaker and invent new recipes using juice from your extractor plus lemonade and flavoured sparkling water!


So you too have decided to take up the trend for healthy food at the office! And to do so, you’ve kitted yourself out with everything you need to keep your food perfectly fresh and protected during transport – airtight boxes designed to be taken anywhere that preserve all your dishes, whether in the fridge or the freezer.  Here are a few tips for tasty lunches packed with goodness.

Visuel Storage

The big freeze!

Rather than buying ready-made meals, what could be better than a homemade lunchbox full of healthy ingredients? It’s sure to be well-balanced and provide you with all the taste without containing too much fat or salt. But of course, you can’t spend two hours in the kitchen every night. What’s the answer? To make your dishes using fresh produce and freeze them.

In order to retain all the nutritional goodness of your ingredients, you need to follow a few simple rules. Pay attention to the quality of your containers. They must be completely airtight so that your meals don’t dry out while they’re in the fridge or freezer. Air is your main enemy when it comes to preserving food, so expel it before closing your container.

Get super organised, with lunchboxes that vary with the seasons.

When it comes to getting organised, you’ll find you just need to adopt a few good habits. Label your airtight containers to ensure you eat the oldest dishes first. Make up different sizes of boxes so that you can take them straight to work without having to transfer the contents!  And our top tip? Wet the lid of your frozen container before opening it, to stop it losing its shape and airtightness. And needless to say, don’t forget to open the valve or remove the lid before heating up your lunchbox in the microwave!


Breakfast is the meal that best represents our personal tastes. While you may love a sweet start to the day, your other half’s idea of the perfect breakfast is scrambled eggs with avocado-topped toast. ‘Typical’ breakfasts around the world have far more similarities between them than differences!

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And you? Are you tea or coffee?

In France or Italy, hard to start the day without a small, strong coffee while on the other side of the Atlantic people drink more in terms of quantity – but it’s not usually so strong. While coffee is loved around the world, it is nevertheless far outstripped by black tea in Britain and green tea in Japan. From the moment we get up, each of us chooses our side! And some have very different customs. For example, why not make yourself a delicious, Spanish-style Chocolate con Churros?

Sweet, savoury or even both… We each have our own favourite tastes and colours

If you only ever go for a sweet breakfast, you undoubtedly live in the US or Western Europe -porridge, buttered bread with jam, fresh fruit, bowls of cereal for the kids and orange juice for everyone. While if you’re more of a savoury fiend, you’ll love a Scandinavian breakfast, British Marmite (also loved by the Australians and New Zealanders!) or an Asian start to the day based mainly on rice and vegetables. And of course, there’s nothing to stop you from mixing it all up – omelette with banana French toast or pancakes with sauté potatoes! After all, anything goes!


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