Yoghurt and jam – a never-ending love story

You only have to dip your finger into a pot of yoghurt served with a dollop of jam to be transported back to your childhood. And even if you weren’t brought up on homemade yoghurt and strawberry jam, you’re sure to love them now.  All you need is a yoghurt maker and a bit of imagination, and you’ll soon be making your own!

Yoghurt and jam – a never-ending love story

Get inspired!

Of course, some people swear by strawberry jam alone. And it’s understandable, as the taste of this delicious fruit marries so well with the smoothness of the yoghurt. But by experimenting with different fruits, you’ll add a touch of variety to life and delight the whole family. Almost any fruit can be made into jam, from bitter oranges to blackberries to rosehips. However, jelly made from apples or quinces is more compact and therefore less well-suited to yoghurt recipes.

Foodies know that there are certain types of jam that everyone loves. Why? Because of the delicate blend of fruit and complementary flavours and spices.  Try your yoghurt with jams made from apple and cinnamon, apricot and cardamom, or even strawberry and fresh basil – they’re a pure delight! Of course, you can either make your own jam or buy it in the shop, but either way opt for jams with a high fruit content (at least 45% — also known as “extra” jams).

Top tip: If you really want to indulge yourself, another ingredient that goes perfectly with yoghurt is the Latin American dulce de leche – a caramelised mixture of milk and sugar (also known as confiture de lait in France).