The world’s best coffees

Ah, that first coffee of the morning ! And the delicious aroma from your coffee machine that always gets you off to a good start ! However, as for tea, not all coffees are equal. To ensure you never get it wrong again, come with us on a world coffee tour !

World's best coffees

South America – the El Dorado of coffee connoisseurs

Colombia, Mexico, Honduras and Guatemala all produce coffee, and it’s in these countries that you’ll find some of the best coffee varieties in the world. According to the experts, the world’s best coffee is produced in Colombia – at an altitude of over 2,000 metres ! But coffee connoisseurs will also tell you that some of the best is to be found in a certain country in Africa – namely, Ethiopia. Ethiopian coffee has a fruit and floral note that makes it the perfect accompaniment to a fine meal !

While it’s true that Central America supplies nearly all of the world’s best coffees, probably the most expensive variety of all comes from Asia. Kopi Luwak is made from the seeds of coffee berries once they have been digested by a civet and collected. This very rare and fascinating coffee has become a luxury product that only some of the privileged few get the chance to taste.

Just like tea drinkers, each coffee drinker has their own favourites, depending on their personal taste, discernment and mood. But if you like mild coffee, two varieties that may appeal are Jamaica’s famous Blue Mountain and Guadeloupe’s Papillon Bleu – ideal for making a delicious café latte.