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The wonders of silicone!

The wonders of silicone!

It’s high time you got yourself a new set of cake moulds and, let’s be honest, you’re tempted to make a radical change by moving over to silicone! Highly durable, easy to handle and simple to use, silicone is set to change your cake-baking life for ever!


Cake moulds that won’t let you down!

You may already have considered silicone cake moulds but been a bit worried that you’d have to change the way you bake. And yet nothing could be simpler than changing to silicone. And if you choose moulds like those from the Proflex range, you’ll never look back! Thanks to their integrated metal ring, Proflex moulds are extremely easy to handle, from pouring in the mixture, to getting your cake out of the oven, to removing it from the mould.

As for the washing-up, you’ll be amazed! Whether in the dishwasher or by hand, your silicone moulds are clean in a flash. And because they’re made from 100% platinum silicone, you can count on them to keep producing those delicious homemade cakes and buns for many years to come! What more could a growing family ask for?!