The wonderful world of meatballs!

Meatballs come pretty high on the list of the world’s most popular dishes! Whether you’re in Europe, Asia or the US, you’ll often find them on the menu under a variety of different names. And yet the vast diversity of meatball recipes around means they’ll never be dull! Let’s go on a brief tour of the wonderful world of meatballs!


Meatballs everywhere!

Made from pork, beef or other kinds of meat, there are as many meatball recipes in the world as there are countries. Much loved throughout Europe, they’re called köttbullar in Sweden, lihapulla in Finland, kjøttkake in Norway, and frikadeller in Denmark. In Scandinavia they’re baked in the oven, while in Holland and Germany they’re fried. You’ll find lots of different varieties in France and Italy, where eggs and breadcrumbs are added to the mixture, and in southern Europe they’re often served in a tomato sauce.

Much like in the West, meatball dishes in Asia and the Middle East are firm favourites for family dinners and get-togethers, since they’re easy to prepare and perfect for large groups. Chinese cuisine boasts dozens of different recipes, made from beef or pork mixed with vegetables, with ‘lion’s head’ meatballs especially popular! In Indonesia and Malaysia, bakso is a typical family meal served with noodles, eggs and tofu. It’s a dish that’s both easy to make and delicious all year round, thanks to the mixture of herbs and spices used.