Wholesome breakfasts with the help of your toaster

Did you know? Your Express toaster has more than one trick up its sleeve! Needless to say, you use it every morning to toast your bread. How to start the day without your beloved toast and coffee?! From the moment you wake up, every morning is the same – you switch on your filter coffee maker and choose your slices of bread. So how about making a change by seeing just what your toaster can do? Intrigued? Then read on!


Your toaster is amazing!

Inject some originality into breakfast time by changing your habits. First of all, you can vary the type of bread – wholemeal, baguette, gluten-free and so on. The very large slots of the Express toaster open up a whole new world of possibilities. What’s more, you can control the thermostat from 1 to 7 to ensure that your bread is toasted exactly how you like it.

And thanks to a little rack that can be placed above the heat source, you can inject some novelty into your first meal of the day in the form of buns, doughnuts, waffles, milk bread, croissants, chocolate croissants and so on. Just pop them on the rack for a few minutes then eat them hot and crunchy. A defrost function means you can try out something different every day, while the reheat function means no more wastage. It’s clever, and perfect for food-lovers!