Turn your kitchen into a chocolate factory!

Whether you’re a parent, child or grandparent, let’s face it – you love chocolate! If you’re constantly hunting for new recipes and ideas to satisfy your sweet tooth, then get a set of silicone moulds and transform your kitchen into a scene from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!

Take silicone moulds, the right ingredients and a pinch of imagination…

Chocolate lovers

Whether it’s for Harry’s birthday treat or Emily’s teenage party, you’ll be armed and ready thanks to some practical, user-friendly silicone moulds! With a range of shapes to choose from – round, square, you name it! – you can let your imagination run wild. And even with 15 hungry children to cater for, you’re sure to win the day. Milk chocolate, dark chocolate, almond- or hazelnut-filled chocolate, even chocolate lollipops – anything is possible!
Become everyone’s favourite host by experimenting with delicious, fun recipes. Place a strawberry or marshmallow in the centre of your mould, cover with melted chocolate and insert a small stick. Once the chocolate has cooled, even the pickiest kids will all be clamouring for these incredible, homemade chocolate lollipops! You can even pop them in the freezer to make mini chocolate lollies. Watch out, though, as they’re sure to come back for more!
And when the rest of the family starts to get jealous, you can appease them with a whole range of treats using different fruits or pieces of salted butter caramel!