“Your Top Tips”: offer advice to Internet users and win prizes

Amongst your friends, is it always you who gives advice on how to tidy things away, save time, eat better, etc.? As a fount of ideas, it’s you people come to when they want to know how to organise or invent something. Well, this autumn, Tefal turns 60 and would like to invite you to put your creativity to good use.



“Your top Tips”: the site that allows you to share your best advice

Join us in the 60 year celebrations and give us your tips. Sign up on the “Your Top Tips” site and share your precious advice, be it on doing the laundry, beauty or cooking, or any other topics that are important to you. In the form of text, photos or videos, your tips will inspire other Internet users: the tips appreciated the most will win prizes.

Have a look to some tips and be inspired!



And discover special Tefal tips  :


Try your luck: gift vouchers and a range of Tefal products are up for grabs, depending on what country you’re in! It would be a shame not to share your tips and tricks!