Thermo-Coach: Tefal lives up to your cooking expectations!

As we know, in cooking, the main expectation is based around how well the food is cooked. This is particularly the case when using a frying pan, as your main concerns are that the food should not burn and that it is tasty. As an innovative solution to help you along the way, the new Thermo-Coach removable handle fits your range of Ingenio frying pans and sauce pans.


Thermo-Coach meets your everyday requirements 

 To help you cook excellent dishes conveniently and without the need to waste time keeping an eye on your frying pan as it heats up, we now offer a new removable Ingenio handle, which allows you to check the ideal temperature to start cooking in your frying pans and sauce pans quickly and easily. Cooking has never been so easy!  Your intelligent Thermo-Coach handle tells you precisely when to start cooking for six different ingredients:  butter, meat, fish, sautéed potatoes, eggs and crepes. Ingenio Thermo-Coach also has a timer to set the right cooking time.

Always on the lookout for more versatility?  The innovative Thermo-Coach from Ingenio ensures that family meals and lunches with friends are always a success!  As well as saving a large amount of space in your cupboards and offering great versatility, Ingenio ensures that you can now cook a range of recipes to perfection!