Temperature and cooking time: the key to success in your kitchen

Have you ever noticed that cooking something as simple as crepes can turn into a disaster just because of the temperature of the frying pan?  You wanted to sear your meat, but your frying pan was not hot enough?  You waited too long to cook your butter and it burnt in just a few seconds?  Tefal has a foolproof solution for your recipes!


Thermo-Coach helps you improve your favourite recipes

Once they have arrived in your kitchen, your Ingenio pots and pans will never leave your side. Highly practical and versatile, they follow you from the cooking plate to the oven and straight onto the table, with a single removable handle. But Tefal has now gone a step further: for perfect cooking, healthier cuisine and enhanced flavours, your Ingenio Thermo-Coach is there for you every day. Gone are the days of badly seared steaks, burnt butter and fillets of overdone fish! Depending on the type of food (butter, fish, meat, sautéed potatoes), Thermo-Coach rings to remind you that it is time to add your ingredients and allows you to set a cooking time with a timer for a perfect result:  the whole family will be asking for more!