Tefal and ISO 14001: supporting the environment

 Day after day, Tefal aims to make your life easier and to provide you with the means to cook whatever you want. With more than 200 million products sold each year, the SEB group is acutely aware of the impact this may have on the environment. Limiting this impact has been an ongoing priority for the group for many years, so compliance with ISO 14001 is something of a no-brainer!

Tefal ISO

What is ISO 14001?

In a few words, ISO 14001 is an international environmental management system. Its aim is to reduce greenhouse gases, control water and energy consumption, and limit waste as much as possible. Tefal therefore believes that it is vital to provide eco-friendly alternatives such as Natura – an entire range of pans and ovenware made from 100% recycled aluminium! What’s more, none of Tefal’s world-famous, non-stick coatings contain any PFOA, lead or cadmium, and they are all more than 70% recyclable.

And because longevity and waste reduction go hand-in-hand, Tefal has recourse to a large network of repair specialists for its electrical appliances and cooking utensils.

Even more importantly, Tefal products are designed to last. We’re talking sturdy, reliable kitchen equipment that won’t let you down in a hurry!

To show its strong commitment to environmental issues, Tefal actively participates in the “European Sustainable Development Week” which takes place in many countries this week.

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