Are you more tea or coffee? More sweet or savoury at breakfast time?

Breakfast is the meal that best represents our personal tastes. While you may love a sweet start to the day, your other half’s idea of the perfect breakfast is scrambled eggs with avocado-topped toast. ‘Typical’ breakfasts around the world have far more similarities between them than differences!

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And you? Are you tea or coffee?

In France or Italy, hard to start the day without a small, strong coffee while on the other side of the Atlantic people drink more in terms of quantity – but it’s not usually so strong. While coffee is loved around the world, it is nevertheless far outstripped by black tea in Britain and green tea in Japan. From the moment we get up, each of us chooses our side! And some have very different customs. For example, why not make yourself a delicious, Spanish-style Chocolate con Churros?

Sweet, savoury or even both… We each have our own favourite tastes and colours

If you only ever go for a sweet breakfast, you undoubtedly live in the US or Western Europe -porridge, buttered bread with jam, fresh fruit, bowls of cereal for the kids and orange juice for everyone. While if you’re more of a savoury fiend, you’ll love a Scandinavian breakfast, British Marmite (also loved by the Australians and New Zealanders!) or an Asian start to the day based mainly on rice and vegetables. And of course, there’s nothing to stop you from mixing it all up – omelette with banana French toast or pancakes with sauté potatoes! After all, anything goes!