Sweet treats in my pressure cooker!

You use your pressure cooker practically every day. You hardly have time to wash it before it’s out again, cooking vegetables, making soup or simmering your family’s favourite meat stew. But when it comes to making desserts, it’s never even occurred to you to use your pressure cooker! And yet there’s no lack of recipes for pressure cooker puddings. Here’s a whistle-stop tour of some of the delicious desserts that you can make in a flash!

 Sweet pressure cooker

When your pressure cooker goes sweet on you…

One thing’s for sure – you’ll see your pressure cooker in a whole new light once you start using it to make desserts. Not only is it your greatest ally when you need to feed the whole family, your pressure cooker is also extremely versatile. Just ask it to help you make a delicious fruit soup or puree, for example, and it will rise to the challenge immediately!

And how about using your pressure cooker to make a cake?

That’s right, it’s even possible to make some types of cake with the help of your Tefal Nutricook! Whether for elevenses or afternoon tea, everyone loves a slice of sponge cake! In fact, your pressure cooker will make easy work of a whole range of desserts and sweet sauces, thanks to its thick, durable base. You can even dream up your own quick and tasty desserts, such as orange and strawberry soup or spiced pears in red wine served with fresh cream.