Sweet toasties that’ll bowl you over!

Ever since you became the happy owner of your Snack Collection, you’ve been treating the entire family to your delicious toasted sandwiches. You’ve already discovered a whole range of savoury recipes to wow young and old alike at family get-togethers. Now, why not try something new with some sweet toasted sandwiches? There are tons of recipes out there that are sure to delight even the most demanding of guests.


The perfect sweet toastie

You’ve invited the whole family over this weekend, so what better opportunity to try out a brand new recipe using your Snack Collection? And just to make sure that everybody loves your first attempt at sweet toasties, why not go for a totally decadent combination such as chocolate and sweet chestnut cream? Simply spread the inside of your bread slices with chestnut cream, add some squares of chocolate, toast for two minutes on each side and abracadabra!

And if you’re after something a little fruitier, don’t panic because there’s a recipe for everyone. Banana and lime, strawberry and almond butter, nectarine and caramel, you name it! And for something sweet and sour, go for mango and praline – simply cover your bread with chocolate, crushed praline and slices of mango. One thing’s for sure – you’ll absolutely love it!