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Steam cooking around the world

One thing’s for sure – you wouldn’t part with your steamer for anything! Highly practical, it lets you steam almost anything, locking in all the vitamins and nutrients and helping you to eat healthily day after day. But did you know that steam cooking is popular all around the world? Here’s a whistle-stop tour of steamed dishes from the different continents…


Steam-cooked specialities

Meat and/or vegetable-stuffed buns and dumplings are the stars of steam cooking in the Far East. They’re eaten at any time of the day and are available pretty much anywhere as a popular street food. Fish and shellfish are often steam-cooked then served with various herbs and spices, lemon juice and/or coconut milk.

Steamed vegetables are all the rage in Europe and the USA – nowadays, often accompanied with pieces of meat or fish. Veal cutlets and pork chops can be steamed without any added fat, for a healthier dish, then served with a little ginger, coriander, chives or parsley to pep things up a little. And if you fancy making an African dish, you could try spicy steamed chicken with rice, or else ablo – a kind of steamed cornmeal bun from West Africa – served with yams.