Spotlight on Jamie Oliver – an iconic chef, hand-in-hand with Tefal

The modern icon of British cuisine, Jamie Oliver is like no other chef around. Adored for his talent and creativity, he is now famous all over the world, with everything he does – his restaurants, TV programmes and cookery books – loved by everyone. While his alliance with Tefal looks to be a match made in heaven…

Jamie Oliver

The Jamie Oliver Food Foundation and Tefal

Loved as much for his personality as he is for his recipes, Jamie Oliver never seems to stand still ! He’s constantly launching new projects, not least his charity – the Jamie Oliver Food Foundation – which aims to teach healthy eating from a very early age.

Tefal has joined forces with Jamie, in support of many of the Foundation’s events and activities. From donations of kitchen utensils to Ministry of Food centres, to taking part in Food Revolution Day, every opportunity is seized to encourage people to eat better. Other events organised by the Jamie Oliver Foundation will give you the urge to start cooking as a family ! And the Tefal/Jamie Oliver story looks set to run and run, with Jamie’s Tefal range proving a huge success all over the world !