Soya milk 2

Soya milk – the plant milk that’s all the rage !

While there are now lots of plant-based milks on the market, some are better-known and more popular than others – not least, soya milk. Highly palatable, easy to digest and perfect for cooking, soya milk has now secured a firm place on our supermarket shelves.

Soya milk

A definite head start !

Far from a passing fad, soya milk has become something of a regular in our kitchens. While other plant milks, such as oat milk, have started to edge their way in to our daily cooking, soya milk has a definite head start! It’s consumed hot or cold, from breakfast to supper, and in a whole range of dishes. Whether you’re vegetarian, vegan, lactose-intolerant, or simply keen to try out something new, soya milk is for you! Use it on your breakfast cereal, in your coffee, for your children’s snacks, and in all your sweet and savoury recipes – quiches, pancakes, waffles, and of course your inimitable homemade yoghurt that all the kids love !

As well as being great for cooking, soya milk is full of goodness – protein, vitamins and minerals. And as if that weren’t enough, it also has zero cholesterol ! Opt for organic soya milk if you can, and experiment with the different varieties available – chocolate, vanilla, or in mini-cartons that you can slip into your bag. It’s up to you !