Soupe 2

Soup up your kids !

With winter coming, it’s time to put away the salad bowls and get out your hand blender – the ideal weapon for all your homemade soups ! And once again, you’re going to have to pull out all the stops to find recipes that are not only colourful, tasty and healthy, but that the whole family will enjoy !


Easy soups your children will love

You’re probably never short of recipes for get-togethers with your friends, but if you want to convince your kids then you’ll need to use a little imagination. Even if you’re a past master at leek and potato soup, for example, you’re best starting off with something else to win over the youngsters ! The golden rule with kids is to vary the colours and flavours, so that they don’t get bored. And the best way to do that is to store a variety of vegetables in your freezer so that you can just whizz something up, even at the last minute.

That old but reliable classic, carrot soup, can be jazzed up with a little orange juice or sweet potato to make it even tastier. Make the most of different herbs as well, such as dill and coriander, instead of simply resorting to the mixed herbs every time. Depending on your kids’ preferences, you can either blend your soup to a smooth puree and add a swirl of yoghurt or crème fraiche, or leave it chunky. And of course, when the weather’s grotty and you’ve spent the whole weekend inside, there’s still nothing to beat a delicious minestrone or alphabet soup, whatever your age !

Cooking tip : Vary your soup ingredients and go to town on the presentation. Serve in small or large soup bowls, and sprinkle with croutons, fresh herbs and a little grated cheddar.