Soup – concentrated nutrition in a bowl!

Every since you were little, soup has always seemed a comforting and reinvigorating meal. What’s more, you don’t only eat soup in the winter – on the contrary! You also love cold soups, because they’re super tasty and incredibly refreshing on those hot summer days. Armed with your Soup & co, you fully intend to work miracles. And if you’re lacking inspiration to make a change from the old classics, here are a few clever ideas that you can pinch from us!


Broth, soup, cream of… The ingredients that make all the difference

If you’re after a light soup, nothing could be simpler – go for seasonal vegetables which you then cook with a stock cube.  That way, you can make a sautéed vegetable soup (for extra flavour), a pea soup (for extra smoothness) or a courgette soup with cream cheese.

Some soups have a thicker consistency, thanks to their use of a base ingredient such as potatoes or coconut milk. You can combine vegetables, grains and even things like prawns. And the use of spices is important, to pep it all up.

Creamed soups are obviously the most indulgent of all. Eaten as a starter or main course, they are usually made by combining a vegetable, such as mushrooms or courgettes, with a thickener like coconut milk, oat cream, rice cream or almond milk. Make a change by going for something original!