Snack Collection: four new plates for even more recipes!

You love your Snack Collection so much that you’ll find any excuse to make sweets and savouries, from dawn ’til dusk. With the help of a single, compact and extremely easy-to-use appliance, plus your 16 plate sets, you can make waffles, paninis, toasted sandwiches, French toast, pancakes – you name it! Already familiar with the 12 existing plates? Here are four new ones not to be missed!

Visuel Snack Co

Whether it’s for a quick snack, brunch or breakfast, your Snack Collection® is your constant companion.

And your highly practical Snack Collection has just acquired four new plates, for making bagels, biscuits, mini French madeleines and mini cakes. We know how you love to keep up with the latest food trends – that’s why we’ve expanded the range of plates on offer. Now you can make rainbow bagels, savoury cocktail cakes, deliciously crunchy biscuits and irresistibly melt-in-the-mouth madeleines for your kids’ snacks. The plates can be changed in a flash, while their non-stick coating ensures your cakes turn out perfectly moist and golden.

Keep up with all the latest food trends with four additions to your Snack Collection®


You’ll simply love collecting the very latest Snack Collection® sets, each of which contains plates plus a recipe book, for endless recipes such as savoury bagels for those quick-fire lunches or spiced mini-madeleines to serve with your pre-dinner drinks. Dishwasher safe, your plates pop back into their box until you’re next ready to use them.

To find out more, watch the Snack Collection video: