Rio Summer Olympic Games 2016 – time for a get-together around a healthy buffet

From 5 to 21 August 2016, the Rio Summer Olympics will have you resonating to the rhythm of your favourite sports, thrilling events and special moments with your loved ones.  So that you can support your national athletes and also get some sunshine, you’ve got it all figured out – the remote control TV, the loungers, plus some cocktail ideas that your friends will love.

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Support your team with a colourful buffet

Since this year’s Olympic Games are being held in Rio, colourful dishes are the order of the day. Firstly you’ll need lots of dips! A few hours beforehand, prepare about a dozen bowls of sauces that are just perfect for dipping raw vegetable sticks, breadsticks, nachos and vegetable crisps. Hummus and guacamole are obvious musts, as are more unusual recipes like sweetcorn with fresh herbs, lentil with dried tomato, plus smoked herring, trout or salmon dip.

Homemade, alcohol-free cocktails are all the rage!

Go for alcohol-free cocktails, for an extra-healthy buffet that’s just as much fun.  What’s in: Spring water with fresh fruit, Virgin Mojitos with freshly-picked mint, and smoothies packed with flavour and vitamins. You may not be running, jumping and swimming, but you can shake your shaker and invent new recipes using juice from your extractor plus lemonade and flavoured sparkling water!