The Rio Olympic Games: Get together around a Brazilian meal

What could be better than a Brazilian meal to celebrate the Rio Summer Olympics in style? Don’t worry, you won’t be stuck for ideas because there are hundreds of different dishes to choose from. Invite all your loved ones round for an colourful meal that you can end with all kinds of games.

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Prepare your Brazilian specialities the night before

As a starter, why not opt for Pao de Queijo – a cheesy bread that can be served with a fresh vegetable salad. The kids will love munching on it! For the main course, Brazil’s world-famous Feijoada is a must, unless you prefer something lighter such as Vatapà – a dish based on fish and tomato sauce. For dessert, what could be more delicious and melt-in-the-mouth than a Quindim? It’s a kind of coconut flan that they’ll all adore. And if you want a meal that’s alcohol free while retaining the festive spirit, prepare your own Caipirinhas using sparkling water, cane sugar and fresh limes.

Games and quizzes to get you in the mood

Intersperse your Brazilian meal with games for all ages – sports questions for the more intellectual and mini Olympics for the rest. In the garden, what could be easier to organise than a series of relays with an egg and spoon, a sack race, a three-legged race or even a croquet competition? Get some T-shirts with each team’s colours, some chocolate medals and rewards in the form of sweets and the day is sure to fly by!