Rice, the ultimate superfood

riz monde

Rice, source of many tasty dishes

Rice – tasty dishes from across the globe

It would be impossible to list all the rice dishes of every country. In other words, we have an almost infinite number and variety of rice recipes to choose from! The world’s two main producers, China and India, together supply half the world’s rice and are the source of many of our staple dishes. Sweet or savoury, but always delicious, you too can discover the delights of each nation’s favourite rice dishes – from Spain to the US to Japan.

Wow your friends and family with rice dishes from around the world

While India’s many vegetarians prefer their rice served with vegetables and spices, in Brazil they eat it with pork, black beans and paprika, in a delicious Feijoada.  Tasty and satisfying, rice is a round-the-world air ticket in your own kitchen! Whether it’s a Spanish paella, an Italian risotto, an Indian biryani or pilaf, Japanese sushi and maki, or a delicious rice pudding, stock up on the herbs and spices and let your imagination run wild! You’ll be amazed at how much your kids love vegetables when they’re coloured with a little turmeric. And your Asian dishes will taste so authentic that they’ll get the whole family reaching for the chopsticks!
For perfect rice every time, opt for a rice cooker. Easy to use and practical, you can adapt it to your favourite rice (sushi, basmati, jasmine etc) simply by adding more or less water. A rice cooker is also a must for any budding chef, and a pre-requisite for happy house-sharing!



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