Is rice good for you?

You wouldn’t know what to do without your rice cooker! It’s so handy for everyday meals, enabling you to cook enough rice for the entire family in a flash. But do you know about the health benefits of rice? Whether it’s long-grain, short-grain, red or brown, it has enough qualities to convert even the most health-conscious among us!


Rice in all its forms is a gluten-free, energy powerhouse!

First and foremost, this is an excellent source of energy. It contains starch and the kind of healthy vegetable proteins that you can eat to your heart’s content. Served with green vegetables, the carbs contained in rice make for a perfectly balanced meal. Needless to say, the brown one is even better. Recent research shows that eating more brown rice reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, obesity and certain types of cancer. Rice is also recommended for those with minor digestive problems.

And there is another major advantage of course – it contains zero gluten! It is therefore recommended for those who are gluten-intolerant, as well as for anyone seeking to reduce their daily gluten intake. In addition to hot and cold and sweet and savoury rice dishes, don’t forget to discover all the different things you can do with rice milk and rice flour!