Rice Goes Right with Everything! 

Adaptable and versatile and an everyday staple in many countries, rice is not only perfect for a quick snack or in a salad but is also served as an accompaniment to some of our most elaborate dishes. Spaghetti goes perfectly with bolognaise sauce… but what goes best with rice? Here are a few delicious recipe and sauce ideas to help you make the most of your rice cooker!


With rice, anything goes!

Whatever your preference – tomato sauce, cream or sweet and sour – we’ve got good news! Rice, whether white, brown or semi, goes well with just about any sauce imaginable. After all, it’s served with soya sauce in a variety of Asian dishes (e.g. Cantonese fried rice), with curry, or flavoured with mild herbs and spices in such classic Mediterranean dishes as paella and saffron risotto.

And if you’re wondering whether rice can be served with any type of meat or fish, then the answer is yes! Thanks to its neutral taste, it goes just as well with red meat as it does with seafood, not to mention making the perfect basis for a wide range of vegetarian dishes, served with tofu, green vegetables or even seaweed. It’s also the basic ingredient in a variety of salads. And of course, don’t forget that rice can be eaten sweet as well! What could be more delicious or reminiscent of childhood than a homemade rice pudding, for example?