Raclette recipes around the world – a fun winter meal to share with friends

When it’s cold and grey outside, there’s nothing quite like a meal with friends to warm up the atmosphere. And what better than a raclette for inviting all your loved ones to share a lunch or dinner that’s not only scrumptious and easy to prepare but that everyone loves? Raclettes are a winner with young and old alike, though ingredients vary depending on the country. Here’s a whistle-stop tour of the world’s raclettes.


Put your Colormania raclette to work!

Wherever you live, a raclette is an excellent way to get everyone around the table. But what do you put in your raclette pan? If you live in France, you like your raclette with cheese from the region of Savoie – either plain, smoked, or flavoured with cumin or white wine. The Swiss traditionally use a cheese called ‘raclette’ that comes from the Valais canton. And because raclettes are often a local tradition, people in Quebec also use a locally-produced cow’s milk cheese.


An almost endless variety of raclettes

Countries and regions by the sea have adopted the seafood raclette, with smoked fish and shellfish added to the standard cheese and vegetables. And while potatoes are a staple in Germany, France, Austria and Switzerland, lots of other ingredients are also used, including tomatoes, carrots, fennel, mushrooms and so on. But at the end of the day it doesn’t matter where you live – your favourite raclette doesn’t have to follow any rules. Just use your imagination to adapt it to your loved ones!