Super-quick dinner recipes

When you finally get in from work, the gym or the kids’ leisure activities, it’s sometimes hard to get motivated to do the cooking. It’s at times like this that you’d give anything for a quick recipe that the whole family would love. So here are a few dishes that you can make in a flash!


A few minutes and it’s ready!

In Europe, a quick meal typically means pasta. When you’re lacking in time and inspiration, spaghetti or pasta shells (with or without gluten) can be a godsend. And for a delicious dish in extra-quick time, you can’t go wrong with Penne All’arrabbiatta or a salad of diced summer vegetables with small pasta shapes, rice or quinoa.

Italian dishes are also much-loved in North America, as are grilled corn cobs served with a Caesar salad or a wrap – a tortilla stuffed with raw veg, meat or tofu and pepped up with a spicy sauce. In fact, what could be quicker or more typical than some of the Mexican specialities? Tacos, enchiladas and quesadillas are all just waiting for you and your imagination!

In Asia and Africa, a quick dish usually consists of meat or fish served with a grain. Asia has so many culinary traditions that the list of recipes to choose from is practically endless! Rice or rice noodles often feature as the main ingredient of any quick dish, and your wok can certainly come in very handy when you need to whip up something in record time!