Putting an end to limescale: the Tefal Calc Collector will revolutionise your ironing

Limescale has always been your worst enemy during ironing: your iron becomes less efficient and wears out faster and you can no longer get a perfectly smooth shirt without creases. But worry not, help is at hand. Tefal has invented an exclusive system, the Calc Collector, which collects limescale in your iron and steam generator and guarantees long-lasting steam performance.


Tefal innovates to effectively fight limescale

Did you know? An iron clogged up by the limescale that occurs naturally in water produces less steam: the benefits of ironing are lost, and you can wave goodbye to perfect results! To ensure that your ironing goes smoothly, the Calc Collector system collects limescale directly within your iron or steam generator. The collector can be removed, making it easy to clean. This system guarantees long-lasting performance of your appliance.


Your steam generator will never let you down! Remove the collector in no time at all and wave goodbye to limescale. Even the smallest particles are collected: you will find no trace of limescale in your iron. Gone are the troubles of reduced steam power: ironing is easier, saving you time and giving you peace of mind.