A pressure cooker with folding handles

Ah, mum’s old pressure cooker… you can remember the racket it made and the delicious dishes that emerged as though it were yesterday! Pressure cookers have come a long way since then, and Tefal’s latest versions, Clipso + and Nutricook, are loved the world over. And because they’re user-friendly and space-saving, able to cook anything, and equipped with dedicated programmes, you’re sure to love them too!


Delicious, healthy meals

Whether you’re cooking sweet or savoury, a modern pressure cooker is all you need. Your guests will go green with envy at the sight of your Clipso Control+, with its one-hand opening and closing system and its ingenious folding handles that allow you to pop it back in the cupboard in a flash!

And if you still think pressure cookers are just for steaming vegetables, your new acquisition will come as something of a surprise! You can use it to simmer your meat and fish-based stews and casseroles, to make those vitamin-packed steamed dishes and – for the sweet-toothed among you – to produce fruit desserts, creamy custards, and even chocolate cake! From a thick and wholesome minestrone soup to a wickedly indulgent sticky toffee pudding, your new pressure cooker can cook it all in a jiffy. But be warned – you soon won’t be able to live without it!