The Pierrade stone grill – a fun way to cook with all the family

If you’re wondering what on earth to make for all your friends and family this weekend, we have an answer you’ll love… How about a stone grill or pierrade? Simple to organise, perfect even for large groups, incredibly fun and adapted to each person’s tastes, they’re all sure to love it!


Your pierrade will get the unanimous vote!

If your best friend is a veggie, your loved one adores seafood and you have a mad yearning for fish, then chances are that your pierrade evening will keep everyone happy! Because what could be healthier or better-adapted to each person’s tastes than a stone grill? You simply prepare all the ingredients the previous evening or a few hours beforehand, put them on the table in large bowls and dishes, and everyone serves themselves! And to make sure everything is perfectly organised, you can even set aside a corner of the pierrade for each person!

Pierrade-2You too have the right to eat sitting down!

Forgot all those dinner parties spent in the kitchen preparing everyone else’s meal and complaining about missing all the fun. Once all the ingredients have been prepared and placed on the table, you too can sit down and relax rather than grabbing a bite at the end of the table or in the kitchen! And since your pierrade stays there for the entire meal, you can even use it to make the dessert. Get out the board games while those orange, pear, apple, banana and kiwi pieces are heating up! And since you’re all total foodies, you can then dip them in melted chocolate!