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Pastries every day and for special occasions with a single appliance!

Did you know that there’s now an appliance to keep everyone happy, from aspiring pastry chefs to those wanting to make quick and simple desserts that are suitable for the whole family? Powerful, all-in-one and up to any job, the MasterChef Gourmet +, for example, will prove an invaluable ally in the kitchen.


Versatile appliances for all your dessert needs, from the basic to the highly elaborate!

Your MasterChef Gourmet + is obviously ideal for performing culinary miracles and trying your hand at fine pastry, but it’s also great for making desserts that may be simpler but can be just as delicious. From pavlovas and birthday cakes to macaroons and chocolate eclairs, all you have to do is ask and you’ll discover that, with a little care and a lot of imagination, anything is possible. For special occasions, when you want to indulge your new-found passion for making fine desserts or simply because you’ve always loved baking, you’ll discover that multifunction kitchen machines can do absolutely anything!

But that doesn’t mean they’re not also great for everyday baking. Are the kids clamouring for chocolate mousse? Got a sudden urge to make one of your much-loved strawberry cakes? You don’t need to wait for a special occasion to use your kitchen machine. Why not use it to whip up some extra-light batter for a waffle or pancake evening, for example? Or how about testing that delicious-looking recipe for sugar-topped brioche that you’ve been eyeing these past few weeks? One thing’s for sure – it will be much easier to make with the help of an appliance like yours!