Outdoor cooking with family and friends!

As soon as the sun comes out, you’re out preparing the garden or patio so as to invite everyone round for an hour or two of fun, relaxation and – needless to say – food ! It’s time to get out the pre-dinner snacks, rustle up some kebabs and get creative with the plancha ! To make sure it all goes without a hitch, here’s some advice.

Outdoor Cooking

Plancha, grill, barbecue: it’s hotting up !

It’s getting hot, and you’re determined to make the most of it by inviting all your friends and family round for a meal. You’ve already prepared several litres of iced tea, and have laid a large table with eco-friendly, biodegradable plates and dishes, little handmade labels for each dish and salad, coloured candles for when it starts to get dark and, of course, some background music to get everyone in the right mood.

Prepare your barbecue meat and vegetables beforehand, and don’t forget that marinated meat is even more tender ! Plancha, electric barbecue, grill – it’s up to you ! And if some of your guests want to help with the cooking, keep them happy by giving them this vital task ! Prepare some little pots of sauce, such as homemade mayonnaise, mustard and garlic mayonnaise, so that everyone can season their red or white meat exactly how they want. And for dessert, go for something colourful and fun – fruit salad, fruit kebabs, ice cream or cupcakes.

Cooking tip: Always have a large mixed salad ready for those who don’t like meat, plus some mini-kebabs for the kids !