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An old classic revisited – delicious and original homemade burgers!

Everyone loves a good burger, especially when you add a dash of originality! Whether for a romantic dinner or a movie evening with friends, burgers are the archetypal dish – both utterly basic and totally delicious, especially when adapted to suit your personal tastes. So here are a few recipe ideas to ensure you never get bored of this all-round favourite!


It’s a burger… but not as we know it!

Think fish! To make a change from beef or chicken, use smoked salmon teamed with a little cream and some chopped dill, or a white fish such as hake.

You can create your own veggie burgers using quinoa , garnished with lamb’s lettuce or watercress, sprouted seeds and some grated raw vegetables.

And since hamburgers are synonymous with fun, why not bake some homemade bread rolls for those mini-burgers that everyone loves? Provide a choice of meat, fish and vegetarian burgers, with mustard- and spice-free versions for the children. Then push a toothpick through the middle of each hamburger to hold it together.

And how about sweet hamburgers, made with jam, pieces of fruit or homemade spreads? Use teacakes as opposed to normal bread, and make sure you include that winning combination of bananas and chocolate !