oat milk 2

Oat milk – the runner-up with so much to offer !

After soya milk, the best-known and most popular plant milk is almost undoubtedly oat milk. Never tried it? And yet oat milk has so much going for it, and is as delicious at breakfast time as it is in your favourite dishes.

Oat milk

Tasty and perfect for cooking

If you don’t like cow’s milk or favour a plant-based diet, then oat milk is for you ! At breakfast time, it’s perfect for your muesli, porridge and even your café latte.  With its creamy texture and slightly sweet flavour, children simply love it ! And if you want to get your day off to a really good start, why not simply drink a glass of well-chilled oat milk ?

What’s more, oat milk can be used to make just about anything ! Its texture makes it suitable for both sweet recipes e.g. pancakes, waffles and doughnuts, and savoury dishes.

Tasty cooking tip : use oat milk to make a white sauce or a delicious asparagus quiche that’s sure to wow the entire family !

And with different types of oat milk now available – such as chocolate-flavoured and calcium-enriched – there’s absolutely no excuse for not trying it out !