Nothing beats plancha cooking!

Today is a big day – you’ve finally managed to persuade your mother-in-law to get you a Tefal maxi plancha! So now all your friends are dying for you to organise a special dinner… Here are a few tips to ensure that your first plancha party  is both absolutely delicious and fantastic fun!


Some all-round favourites

Your guests will no doubt include some who love meat, some like your best friend who are vegetarian, and others who love anything that’s marinated and reminds them of their last summer holiday! Not easy to keep them all happy. But with the help of your Tefal plancha, plus a few quick, simple and perfectly-adapted recipes, you really can please everyone! Kebabs are a must, since they’re the undisputed stars of the plancha – beef is especially good for plancha cooking, but any kind of meat cooks perfectly well on the hotplate.  You could combine lamb, veal or chicken with slices of onion, tomato and red or green pepper. And if you pre-marinate your meat in a mixture of olive oil, garlic, cumin and a little chili sauce, the result will be even more spectacular!

For seafood lovers, prepare some marinated king or tiger prawns. You can use either the same marinade as for the meat or, if you find the cumin and chili sauce too strong for shellfish, replace them with paprika and herbs. Then simply serve with your homemade mayonnaise! And finally, don’t forget that your plancha is also perfect for cooking vegetables, either as they are or pre-marinated in a mixture of olive oil, lemon and basil. Red and green peppers, aubergines and mushrooms are all totally plancha friendly!