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Meal for 10? Don’t panic – it’s all under control!

Meal for 10

Meal for 10? Don’t panic – it’s all under control!

If a ‘meal’ in your house means a vast table surrounded by hoards of family, friends and neighbours, then here’s some advice to simplify your life.

Make it simple, efficient and fun

To avoid family meals turning into cooking marathons, choose meals that are fun and require little preparation, such as a raclette or fondue in the winter, or a barbecue or stone grill in the summer. Buy all the food beforehand, so that on the day itself all you’ll have to do is put everything on the table and let people serve themselves! And once the warm weather starts, how about a drinks buffet in the garden that will allow you to spend time with your guests?

If you often cook for lots of people, why not treat yourself to one of the latest generation of automatic cookers? Several models exist for large families (8 or 10 litres), so that you can prepare meat, fish or vegetable dishes – and even some of your favourite desserts – in the blink of an eye! It’s a quick and healthy way to cook that also saves time.