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I make all my own yoghurt!

Homemade cooking and healthy food are all the rage, so why not join the trend by making your own yoghurts? Your kids will love it, and you’ll be the envy of all your friends!

A dash of the right equipment, a pinch of the best ingredients, and a good dose of imagination

What could be more delicious than homemade yoghurt? It might sound complicated, but we promise you it isn’t! All you need is the right equipment. There are some really user-friendly yoghurt makers on the market, that let you make your own yoghurt without spending hours in the kitchen. So if you were already the king or queen of chocolate cake, you’ll now be sending everyone into raptures over your yoghurt as well! Go for it and let your imagination run wild – try it with ginger biscuits, caramel, coconut or hazelnuts, and get the whole family clamouring for more!
Nothing could be easier than homemade yoghurt – simply add a pot of yoghurt to a litre of milk! Thanks to your yoghurt maker, this simple mixture will produce a quantity of natural yoghurt that you can then flavour. It’s best to cook your fruit or to use jam, to avoid any acidity.


Top tips for top yoghurt making

- Use organic ingredients. Organic yoghurt is better as it contains more live cultures.
- You can use full-fat or semi-skimmed milk, or even goat’s or soya milk.
- Shop-bought dried culture can also be used for turning your milk into yoghurt.
- Add sugar before cooking to reduce acidity.