What to make with your pressure cooker?

Your pressure cooker is your trusty ally – day after day, it helps you maintain a healthy, balanced diet, and enables you to produce wonders in very little time. If you like cooking a wide variety of vegetables, your pressure cooker can deal with pretty much anything and may well surprise you with its versatility. Read on to find out why.

What to make with your pressure cooker


Your pressure cooker is up for anything!

You already know how great your pressure cooker is for steaming vegetables. But how about using it for more complex recipes? Did you know, for example, that you can use it to prepare meat dishes? Why not try our recipe for Chinese Pork Spare Ribs, served with rice or sweet potatoes? Or our Pork with Raisins – the perfect Sunday-lunch recipe that is sure to wow all your guests (even your demanding mother-in-law!)

And since you ask, yes, you can even use it to make desserts! Pressure cookers are perfect for poached fruit, puddings and flans – chocolate cake, cardamom pudding, egg custard, you name it! After a short while, you’ll become expert at making quick and delicious desserts. It’s the perfect solution for large families and busy parents!

Top tip: To cook fish in your pressure cooker, never place it in the bottom of the pan. Use the steam basket instead, and don’t cook it for more than two or three minutes. It’s often advisable to use a steam cooker instead.