How to make perfect Russian salad - 2

How to make perfect Russian salad

Russian salad isn’t just a mixture of fruit and vegetables. It’s practically an art ! To make a ‘true’ Russian salad, each ingredient should be cut into half-centimetre cubes. Either by hand, using a good knife, or with the help of a machine such as the Fresh Express +, your Russian salad is sure to create a stir !

How to make perfect Russian salad

Become the Tsar of Russian salad !

Whether it’s for a Russian salad, made with your own homemade mayonnaise, or a light fruit salad, some of you prefer to do it all by hand ! Armed with a well-sharpened knife that fits perfectly into your hand, you’re able to create mounds of perfectly-sized little cubes. Our top tip : try ceramic knives – highly practical and easy to clean, they’re perfect for precision chopping.

If it’s speed and efficiency you’re after, Tefal’s Fresh Express + is second to none. This multifunction device conceals a secret weapon – its interchangeable cones, that allow you not only to make dishes like Russian salad in a flash, but also to slice and grate ! A whole new world of sweet and savoury salads is yours for the taking !

Cooking tip: Don’t forget that a true Russian salad contains only peas, potatoes, carrots, turnips, green beans, and your famous homemade mayonnaise !