Ceramic 2

The low-down on ceramic-based cookware

You’ve no doubt heard of ceramic-coated cookware, but have you tried it out yet ? Well, if you like cooking, then you’ll love ceramic pans, woks and dishes ! They’re highly durable and allow you to fry, brown and simmer with a minimum of fat. Simply placing your food in a hot, ceramic-based dish seals in the flavours immediately.


Practical ceramic !

Thanks to its ceramic coating, the Tefal Ceramic Control range is destined to make your life easier !  The only range to have both a ceramic coating and Thermo-Spot technology, Ceramic Control is the key to perfect results. It cooks your meat to perfection, and fries using the bare minimum of oil. You can now make all your favourite dishes, knowing that your meat will never stick and your vegetables never burn !

Ceramic coatings have other advantages too! They’re so resistant that you can use and re-use your pans and dishes day after day, even with metal utensils. No more stress when you need to beat your cheese sauce or flip over your fillet of fish ! And no need to juggle between different hobs every time you change pans – the Ceramic Control range is totally compatible with all types of hob.

Cooking tip : Use coconut oil for frying at high temperatures. It’s really good for your health, and can also be used in a whole range of sweet and savoury dishes.