fun kitchen

Let’s have fun in the kitchen!

What could be more fun than reinventing our favourite dishes and injecting them with a bit of imagination? And if you make cooking fun, colourful, tasty and creative, the kids will be clamouring to join in!

baby kitchen

A pinch of imagination and a good dash of fun

Make cooking fun, and get ready to see your children gobble up their veggies and – who knows? — maybe even ask for more! In the kitchen, anything goes! You can play around with colours and shapes, add edible flowers to your salads, put dots of ketchup and other coloured sauces on your broccoli or green beans, and be creative in your presentation. You’ll be amazed to discover that the whole family loves carrot chips, or courgette flan when served in individual ramekins.
Surf the internet to get ideas for new dishes. Invest in some bento boxes and turn lunchtime into funtime – rice balls shaped like animals or cartoon characters, raw vegetables presented in the shape of a flower, anything is possible! You can even start the fun at breakfast time, by making pancakes in different shapes and colours (using edible food colourings), inventing your very own spreads, or making some highly original fruit kebabs! Then really go to town by presenting it all in an unusual way e.g. on a wooden board or slate placemats, with little spoons and glass bottles.

Top tip: get the kids involved! They’ll be delighted to mix the colours and make funny shapes, and they’ll enjoy eating the final result even more – whether it’s sweet or savoury!