Latest trends for the kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home and undoubtedly one of the rooms where you spend the most time.  So needless to say, you want it to look just as up-to-date as your bedroom or living room. Did you know that it’s now possible to combine style and safety to create the perfect kitchen?

Moodboard Safe To Touch

Kitchen appliances that really blend in

The trend in terms of kitchen design is towards combining safety for the whole family with a chic and stylish look. You usually opt for everyday utensils and appliances that blend into your kitchen and are totally safe, such as the Tefal Safe to Touch kettle with its double wall that enables the outer surface to remain cold and risk-free. It’s a huge boon first thing in the morning when you’re still half-asleep, and when the children want to do things “all by themselves”.

Would you like to have Tefal customise your kettle and other kitchen appliances to match your decor?

Soft shades and cabinets designed to look modern and elegant.

Today’s kitchen needs to be practical and functional but with a modern look. Quality materials are in, while flashy colours are definitely out! The key factor in choosing your new kitchen is the worktop, which needs to be of a high enough quality to resist everything you put it through each day.