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All about knives and how to choose them!

It’s often said that a cook’s best ally is a good set of knives. If you’re tired of trying to dice vegetables with a blunt old meat knife, then it’s time you did something about it! Whether you go for ceramic or stainless steel, your new knives will make quick work of all your favourite recipes.


Hard-wearing and easy to clean

For everyday knives that are both practical and easy to clean, choose ceramic. The Zen Ceramic professional range combines total versatility with maximum hygiene—the ring around the middle of each knife means you can put it down without the blade touching the work surface. These knives are perfect for anyone who does a lot of cooking and wants something that is both easy to use and uncompromisingly sharp. What’s more, your ceramic blades will never go blunt—a definite bonus for anyone who spends a lot of time in the kitchen!

Comfort Touch is a range of professional-standard knives made available to all! From the paring knife to the Japanese-style Santoku knife, their rounded soft-touch handles make them so easy to use. If you cook a lot of meat or fish or need a true precision instrument, then these are the knives for you!