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Just married: Those everyday essentials

Not long ago, John and his girlfriend decided to move in to their very first apartment together! Since then, things have gone from good to great, with a beautiful wedding and heaps of plans for the future. Between everyday essentials and appliances for entertaining, what do our young newlyweds really need for their new venture?

Just married Those everyday essentials

Everything you need as a couple

When you’ve already lived together before getting married, you often already have the basics. But as time goes on, little things come to remind us that some of those basics have actually been left out! Since perfect happiness means sharing the household chores, a steam station is certain to be popular all-round. With all those shirts and sheets to iron, it certainly won’t be under-used!

And since you just got married, why not treat yourselves a bit? You’ve both decided to get an Actifry – a clever fryer that will enable you to make an endless variety of healthy and delicious meals. Is your mother-in-law insisting on getting you something useful? Then ask her for a plancha, for all those lunch and dinner parties, or for a blender to make smoothies for those cosy breakfasts together! And if she really wants to get both, we’re sure you’ll find some room in the cupboards just to keep her happy!