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Juice – delicious and packed with vitamins

Whether at breakfast time, before dinner or for a children’s snack, you just love making delicious juices packed with flavour and vitamins. And thanks to your juice extractor, you’re able to transform both seasonal and exotic fruit into stunningly vibrant cocktails that are not only a treat for the taste buds but also good for your health !


Stock up on vitamins with the help of your juice extractor

You’ve just got back from the market with your bags full of fruit and vegetables – apples, carrots, oranges, bananas, strawberries, you name it! Your mission ? To make one after another of delicious, vitamin-packed fruit juices. Armed with your Infiny Press Revolution juicer, you’re determined to work wonders ! And since it produces 35% more juice, and retains 30% more vitamin C and 75% more antioxidants than a traditional centrifugal juicer, your super juicer will help you do just that !
You’re simply brimming with ideas – one thing’s for sure, there’s no way you’re going to limit yourself to good old orange juice! For your juices and smoothies, go for ingredients that are both healthy and unusual, such as strawberry and mint, orange and cinnamon or even pear and cardamom. And for a morning energy boost, why not throw in a spoonful of one of the superfoods ? Maca, acai and spirulina, for example, are now available from any health food shop.
Top tip: Make your juices look even more stunning, by serving them in glasses of different shapes and sizes. Then use a simple cocktail stick to top them off with a mini, multi-coloured fruit kebab !