The ironing’s done – time to chill - 2 (2)

The ironing’s done – time to chill !

Well done – you’ve finally got through that pile of ironing that had been mounting up for days ! Everything’s been put away, folded or hung up in your wardrobe, you’ve unplugged the iron, and you’re feeling pretty proud of yourself ! So why not take a few minutes to unwind, with a few stretching exercises that will do you a power of good.

The ironing’s done – time to chill

Treat yourself to a post-ironing relaxation session !

After all that hard work, treat yourself to some self-pampering – a few stretching exercises will quickly perk you up again. Your arms will be tired from ironing, not to mention your back – so give them a bit of care and attention. Stretch out your arms as far as possible in front of you and then up above your head. For your back, get down on your hands and knees and alternate between a curved and a straight back. Repeat these exercises in your own time, taking care to avoid any jerking movements.

This is also the perfect time for a nice shower in order to relax your legs. Finish off with some jets of cold water, going from the tips of your toes up to the tops of your thighs. You can also give yourself a foot massage, before sitting back on your sofa with your feet up.  Now all you have to do is sip your glass of iced tea and get stuck in to a good novel !

Top tip : Have you considered a cordless iron ? Ingenious and highly practical, it avoids having to manoeuvre around the cord and provides total ironing freedom !