Ironing two-step 2

Do the ironing two-step !

Thanks to your steam iron or brand new steam generator, you can tackle almost anything ! From shirts to bedding, you want it all looking perfect. To help you, here are some handy tips that really work !

Ironing two-step

Steam it and dry it – but not all at once !

With your T-shirt or trousers in place and your iron in hand, you’re ready to work miracles ! To do so, the first thing you need is a good shot of steam, because to get all your clothing perfectly smooth it needs to be a little bit damp. By penetrating deep into your clothing fibres, the steam helps you get rid of even the most stubborn creases.

Now you can get going, knowing that the heat and pressure of your iron will help you smooth out all those fibres. You don’t need to keep adding more steam, as your garments have to dry out completely to ensure the creases don’t come back ! And for even better ironing results, remember that how you wash your clothes is important, as is the quality of water used.