Ironing Tips

Ironing tip – how to iron wool

You love your woollies so much that you’ll make any excuse to wear them ! But, despite washing them in cold water, they always need a bit of an iron when they come out of the machine. So here are a few tips on how to iron wool, for zero damage and maximum style.

Iron wool

Gentle ironing

You need to be particularly careful when ironing wool, because it won’t withstand excessive heat. Set your iron at the lowest temperature – the soleplate should be lukewarm rather than hot. And, just as when ironing black garments, use the damp-cloth technique for guaranteed success!

Dampen a clean cloth (you can simply spray it with water – it shouldn’t be soaking), and place it between the iron soleplate and your woollen jumper. Now all you have to do is iron over the cloth, instead of directly onto the wool. Your garment will come out unscathed and you’ll be able to carry on wearing it as often as you like!